A Short [Part of a Long] Story

I’ve decided to give some variety to the type of posts I make and let you all read some fiction that I’ve written. But first let me preface a few things. 
1. I’m a HUGE sci-fi nerd, and this is a sci-fi story. Based far in the distant, scientifically malleable future.
2. This story really is a small part of a much larger story. I’ve been toying around with this universe for some time, and this is just a snapshot, which is why there’s almost no exposition.
3. Sharp-eyed sci-fi fans will notice that I’ve used several common terms in the story that would likely not be used in a futuristic setting like this (one example would be keeping track of time by months, which would really only make sense on Earth…). I haven’t come up with a better idea, so deal with it. 
4. Its been a long time since I gave any sort of serious effort to fiction writing, so there’s a fair chance that this story will be super duper lame. Feel free to let me know if it is, so that I don’t embarrass myself by posting things like this in the future.
Anyways, I think that’s about all I have to say, so here goes…

The door hissed open, and Corrin stepped inside the dimly lit hallway. Control centers for most private space docks were small, and fortunately this one was no different. The hallway led straight to the observation and control room, with a small bunk room to the right. Corrin switched his shoulder lights on and immediately wondered why he’d needed to. It was the middle of the day in a busy city sector, and the control center should have been manned.

“P-Tec, where are all the people?” He wondered into his comm.

P-Tec quipped back, “Couldn’t tell ya, boss. How about we just find what we came here for.”

Corrin continued, “It’s just a little weird, is all. And considering what we’re looking for it gives me a bad feeling about this situation.”

Corrin made his way down the hall towards the observation room, the rustling of his armor and soft clunking of his boots echoing against the bare metal walls. He paused at the entry to the bunk room and peered inside. The beds were messy, and clothes and personal items were scattered on the desks and floor. Someone had certainly been here recently, but they left without giving much thought to cleaning the place.

A spectacular view of the city greeted Corrin has he entered the observation room. The far wall was made of three rows of paneled glass windows, with the bottom and top rows protruding outwards at an angle. This placed the middle row of glass several feet away from the main building structure, giving the control workers a visual of docked ships below and incoming ships above. It was a beautiful day; only a few puffy clouds dotted the deep blue sky, pushed around by a cool, slow breeze. Sunlight poured into the room, and Corrin turned off his lights as he walked towards the center control consol.

“Alright boss, hang tight while I get us into the system.” P-Tec instructed.

Corrin meandered around the room for a while, waiting for P-Tec to extract the data they had been seeking for months. After a few minutes he made his way towards the windowed wall, and gazed down to his left at the ship docked in the upper deck. The deck sat directly below the observation room, and the occupied ship-dock was roughly one hundred meters away. The cruiser was several hundred meters long; its sleek metal hull gleaming in the sunlight. Weapon ports were visible along much of the ship, as were several heavy shield projectors.

“P-Tec, I think that ship is military. I’m seeing a lot firepower here. Is the Union stationed in this sector again?”

“Not sure, but they patrol here pretty regularly, what’s the ID mark?”

Corrin paused, “I don’t see one…”

“Well I’ll check it out. I need you to go over to the control panel and activate the auxiliary data cache, use the protocols I uploaded to your suit.”

For the large part Corrin was essentially useless on this mission. The only reason he was down in the control room at all was to ensure a secure connection to the building’s data drives. He didn’t mind the slow pace though; he’d seen plenty of excitement recently. The holo-display opened up around him as he sat down at the console. He read the codes off of his HUD and entered them where he’d been told.

P-Tec offered a positive sounding grunt through the comm., and they were in. Corrin got up and continued to look around the observation room. The city below was massive, fueled by the tourism attracted to the region’s picturesque mountain range. For one reason or another, this planet had also become a haven for creative-types and technological development. Even though the Union didn’t hold a very strong presence here anymore, there was obviously enough security in this galactic sector to keep the economy relatively stable. This left little mystery as to how the data Corrin and his team had been so desperately seeking ended up here.

P-Tec’s panicked voice broke through the silence, “Ok, yeah, that’s not a Union ship. I’ve got all the data we need; you need to get out of there.”

“Why, what is it? The Remnant’s too proud to field an unmarked cruiser, and they never travel this far in-galaxy.”

“You’re right, it’s not Remnant. I scanned the ship and nothing came up, they’re internally cloaked. Corrin, I think that’s our guy from the outpost last month. The visual drone caught some scorch marks on the lower hull, looks like plasma damage.”

Plasma damage, the memory of firing those parting shots was as vivid as it was enraging. It was no wonder that Corrin hadn’t recognized the ship. He had never seen more than its lower hull as it took off from the burning resource outpost in a sector that had seen more than its fair share of piracy and poverty. As if on cue, he heard the ship’s engines begin to fire. The low hum of the anti-gravity docking locks releasing was audible even from inside the control room. He turned and started to jog back down the hall, initializing his P-JAPS suit modification.

“Is there any way to confirm? Is this really the same ship?”

“I can’t give a one hundred percent, but I’m pretty positive that it’s him.”

“Got it.” Corrin’s legs tightened as he launched himself down the hall. The building doors barely had enough time to open before he burst through the entry way. If this was really the ship that had destroyed the outpost, then Corrin had to get in before it left atmosphere. Once the ship jumped, P-Tec would have no way to track its destination, especially with the cloaking abilities it had already displayed more than once.

Corrin turned the corner around the building and sprinted down the docking platform. An automated voice cheerfully informed him that his P-JAPS was activated. Corrin couldn’t hold back a small whoop of excitement. The accelerators on his suit flung him towards the ship, and a smile played at the corners of his lips. This was by far the best part of what he did; the thrill of adventure.

P-Tec shouted into his communicator, “Corrin, what are you doing? Get back to our ship! You’re not fitted for out-of-atmosphere right now; your suit’s not pressurized.”

“I’ll be fine! I’ve got breaching gear.” Corrin huffed back.

“Low-grade breaching gear, I don’t think you’ll make it through that hull, boss.”

“You’re so negative!” Corrin yelled over the roar of the ships engines. He was close enough to feel the platform beneath him shake from the force of the ship pushing away. Time was short. He made it to the open dock, which sat several hundred feet above the city buildings below, the massive gravity anchors hanging onto the ledge to his right.

The ship began to separate from the dock, and the gap was growing quickly. Corrin’s P-JAPS wasn’t outfitted for sustained flight, but he could make a substantial jump if he timed his bursts right. By the time he reached the edge of the platform, the ship was already thirty meters away and beginning to accelerate forward. He planted his foot, fired every accelerator on his suit, and leapt towards his next target…

Welp, there it was! Like I said, if it was horrible, please let me know in the comments! If it wasn’t horrible, I suppose you could tell me that as well. Not sure what my next post will be about; maybe something serious and polarizing. Maybe I’ll also try to post sooner than in two weeks.You’ll just have to come back and see!

For now, though, grace be with you all.